August 23 ~ 29, 2019

Do you love working with plants but want to connect more deeply with them as allies? Are you driven to link your high vibe spiritual practice with the energies of the earth? Come heighten your vibration through experience, ceremony, shamanic journey + immersion in nature. Learn how to make and use floral essences. Develop a deeper connection with plant allies + energy. Step into your own flow and luminosity with chakra attunement, The Munay-ki Healer’s rite, watefall swimming, forest bathing, shamanic journey, awareness practice and seasonal, local, plant based meals. Join Julie Dokas, founder of Biolumenessence floral essences, Reiki Master + energy healer and Enya founder of Tourmaline Center, Reiki Master + Shamanic practitioner to support your inner journey into the luminous. We are going to get into all kinds of fun, wild, herbal alchemy on this retreat.

There are two primary missions…First, to awaken your luminous nature by connecting you to the environment, the earth under your feet + clearing old energies. Second to help you build your own woo-woo wellness kit OR build your personal altar.

$1150 per person


Energy clearing techniques for yourself + for sacred space

Techniques for amplifying energy, calling directions, making offerings + creating an altar

Receive the Munay-ki Healer’s Rite and participate in fire ceremony

Learn/practice the Shamanic Journey

Use these techniques to build your relationship with plant spirits + energy

Work with and make floral essences

Discuss/work with sacred + consciousness shifting herbs

Build your own Woo-woo wellness kit and/or create tools for your altar

Awareness practices and training

Camping at the Tourmaline Center

Seasonal, local, plant-based meals