7 Steps for Deeply Experiencing Nature
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Many of us are drawn to the healing qualities of nature. We find ourselves journeying into it with the same intention we bring to our daily lives. This is the time we have, let's make the most of it. However, we often miss out on the depth of healing that nature offers because we are in a hurry filling our days with fun activities or trying to relax in ways that are already familiar.

By following the steps below, you can greatly enhance your experience of the natural world. It will increase your ability to recharge and integrate nature's healing qualities.

1. Connect with the cardinal directions.

Learn where East, South, West + North are in relationship to the land in question. Observe what happens in each of the directions at all times of day.

2. Practice Earthing.

This is the process of laying flat on the ground or standing with bare feet against the ground and connecting with the earth's natural vibrations and energy. This has the dual effect of elevating your mood and increasing your awareness of what the earth is sharing.

3. Increase your vision. 

Stare between two trees or objects and release your focus. While holding this gaze, extend your arms as far out as you can. Notice how wide your view can extend.

4. Listen.

Extend your hearing to a three mile radius by listening for the silences. Notice what unexpected things you become aware of. 

5. Examine your experience.

Observe your other senses. What subtleties are you experiencing? What is the natural environment telling you? How do the elements interact with your body, mind + soul?

6. Connect with the animals.

Animals will tell you much of what you need to know about the state of your environment and your self.

7. Come home.

Return inside yourself and accept the experience as part of yourself. You are not separate from what you are experiencing. You are part of the experience. Nature is also inside of you and you are home.


Thank you to Michael Douglas from Maine Primitive Skills School for sharing his knowledge of awareness with me.

Enya is the founder of Enya Latham Hout LLC, a visionary design consulting service that guides people on their creative journeys with spiritual + healing practices. She will be leading a retreat in Activating Awareness at Tourmaline Center July 21-27, 2018 as well as collaborating with other practitioners during other retreats in August, September and October this year.

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