As a child we are taught to eat. Eat what is given. Eat what is on your plate. Often we are not taught that eating is a relationship with food. As a culture, we are beginning to recognize that healing our relationship with food is one of the first steps in healing ourselves. This retreat will re-calibrate what it means to heal with food. We will examine our relationship with food in search of deeper clarity about how we perceive ourselves and the role that food plays in our lives. Through nutrition science, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, movement, connecting with the land + food sources, being in nature, and ritual we will gain an understanding of our personal relationships with food.  Alison DeLancy, nutritionist and 1500 hr yoga instructor guides us through this experience with the support and guidance of Shamanic practitioner + Reiki healer, Enya. Our food will come from local gardens + farms. We may also visit one!

Registration is now closed for this retreat!


Fire circle + full moon offering ceremony

Nutritional instruction

Guidance to redefine your relationship with food both personally + globally

Daily yoga practice

Light hiking + forest bathing

Waterfall swimming

Seasonal, local, plant-based meals

Assistance/recommendations with local lodging

Private Shamanic Healing or Reiki Healing sessions are not included but can be arranged.


Healing Your Relationship With Food ~ tentative itinerary

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Noon - 3 pm Arrive at Tourmaline Center cottage: set up camp/sleeping arrangements. Teas, spring water + light lunch available

3 pm Welcoming circle, meet + greet, intention setting.

4 pm Light yoga

5 pm Social/free time

6 pm Welcome dinner

7 pm - 10 pm Fire circle, free time, stargazing

Monday - Thursday (basic schedule) August 12 - 15, 2019

6:30-7:00 am Morning ritual/meditation. 

7:30-8:30 am Breakfast: Mix your own muesli- oats, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, bee pollen, blue green algae, cacao + other supplements, and fresh eggs. Locally foraged herbal teas, local spring water (state tested) and fair trade coffee. Alternative milks will be available (almond, coconut + oat).

9:30-10:15 am Mindful all-level yoga sequence that brings focus onto practitioner’s relationship to the topic of the day’s class.

10:25-12:15 pm Workshops

Monday: Your personal food story. History of relationship with food.

Tuesday: Establishing gut health - so you can listen to your gut without reservation.

Wednesday: Nutrition is bio-individual: How to know what’s right for you.

Thursday: The big picture: how do your food choices affect the rest of creation?

12:30 pm Lunch: Trio of salads - one legume salad, one grain salad, one vegetable salad. Locally foraged herbal teas, local spring water.

1:30-5:00 pm Excursions for forest bathing, waterfall swimming, maybe also kayaking + light hiking. Possibly a field trip to a local farm and/or foraging.

6:00 pm Approximate dinner service time. Dinners will focus on seasonal, local vegetables. Local cheeses may be included. Nuts, avocado, olives, oils, legumes + grains may come from away. Please let us know of any allergies or dietary restrictions.

8:00 pm Optional meditation/yoga, fire circle, stargazing etc.

Thursday night we will share a celebratory dinner (wine + dessert included for this one) and a full moon ceremony after sunset around 9 pm.

Friday, August 16, 2019

7:00 - 8:00 am Mindful all-level yoga sequence.

9:00 - 10:00 am Buckwheat pancake breakfast with fresh fruit + local maple syrup. Locally foraged herbal teas, local spring water, free trade coffee.

10:00 - 12:00 pm Closing workshop: Where do you go from here?  An assessment of tools gained throughout the week.

12:00 pm Pack up camp and depart…

Please note that this schedule is subject to change…as are all things. <3