Enya Latham and Ben Hout purchased the Tourmaline Center property in 2005 with the intention of building a cabin to retreat from city life. They chose this part of Maine because of its natural beauty and vicinity to amazing waterfalls and hiking trails. While walking the property with Beau & Darcy Berry, Beau found a piece of quartz with a large black tourmaline crystal embedded in it, confirming for Enya the specialness of the land here. The center takes its name from this stone.

Enya & Ben decided to get married on the property and have a cabin raising ceremony after the wedding. The floor for what is now Tourmaline’s main cottage was used as a dance floor during the celebration.

Enya & Ben lived in Brooklyn, NY for a while before moving back to Maine. Enya attended Columbia University and studied architecture. Since that time, it has been her intention to use the 40 acres of tree growth as a studio for tiny cabins and ultimately a retreat center. The design of these cabins is the combined forms of an A frame, a traditional camping lean-to and a salt box. They will build nine glamping huts this season if they are able to fund them. There is a plan to build nine more next year along with a wood fired sauna & hot tub.

A note from Enya:

I envisioned creating a space for people to relax, learn, create + heal a long time ago. I kept waiting for the time to be right, the money to be there, to know the right people...to be able to make this happen. I now accept that there is only now and I work daily to reveal + support the beauty I find here.

Building this retreat center and business is an organic process. It is like finding your way in the wilderness. There is no map. Decisions about building cannot be made in the traditional manner if I am going to follow what the land and spirit speak to me. Daily, this unfolding demonstrates the need for healing work, for understanding the moment, for awareness and for acceptance of what is. This is the energy of Tourmaline Center. I hope you can join us to experience your own becoming…