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Celebrate independence by embracing connectivity with the natural world and the higher self.

 Pine is one of the oldest family of trees on earth. You can find species of pine on nearly every continent. It is revered in most major religions and traditional forms of spirituality. Many parts of the tree are edible. These parts contain high amounts of vitamins A, B + C. We use the wood to build homes and furniture. We use the pulp to make paper. The oil is used to clean and disinfect. Symbolically, the pine is associated with longevity due to its ability to live for hundreds of years. It is also associated with enlightenment. The pine cone has a historical and structural association with the pineal gland, the seat of the third eye.

 This retreat is an opportunity to experience and explore our relationship with both Red + White Pine. We will discuss the cross-cultural symbolic lore of the pine tree. We will learn to work with the energy of pine. We will make a variety of delicious and healing concoctions from pine. We will make pine bark baskets and/or rattles. You will leave this retreat with enlightenment of these amazing trees, with pine remedies + at least one handmade basket or rattle.

Registration for this event is now closed. We hope you can make it in the summer of 2020!


Daily guided meditations for third eye and crown chakra opening

Learn to distinguish red + white pine and to responsibly harvest different parts of the tree

Instruction on the benefits + symbolism of pine

Waterfall swimming

Handmade pine remedies to take home

Handmade pine bark shamanic rattle or basket (you will learn to make these)

Fire circle

Awareness training/practice

Three seasonal, local plant-based meals/day

Lodging or camping on the Tourmaline Center property