July 12- 18, 2019  

You know there is a hidden world of plants, beyond what we grow, eat and admire out our windows.

This week long retreat will submerge you in the world of Maine’s wild plant life. You will learn basic plant identification for survival and medicinal benefit. You will learn to connect with plants as allies (energetically) to build relationships with them. We will guide you to develop deeper awareness + connection to the forest.

You will leave with deeper + clearer intuition, increased flow of life force energy, improved capacity to communicate with the land and its species, a deepening of friendships, and an overall increase in sense of happiness…. plus a bunch of new plant knowledge and some wilderness survival skills.

$910 per person

What you get

Opportunity to identify, forage and process life saving plants

Connect energetically to plant allies

Awareness training/practice

Waterfall swimming

Forest bathing

Three seasonal, local plant-based meals/day

Lodging or camping on the Tourmaline Center property

Fire circle

Star gazing