June 21~22, 2019    

Remember you belong in the natural world. Leave behind all the social, political and cultural drama that fills our daily lives and return to the simple beauty of nature. Gather with us at Tourmaline Center for a Solstice fire ceremony + drum circle while sharing traditional Summer solstice practices for a holistic and deep experience of self renewal.

We will begin with a seasonal dinner including locally foraged + grown foods prepared over the grill + open fire. The meal will be plant based and focus on Maine foods. After our meal, Enya will lead guests in a fire ceremony to welcome the arrival of summer season and to renew the balance in our daily lives. The ceremony will be followed by a drum circle. We will end the night with star gazing + s’mores.

The following day will begin with a buckwheat pancake breakfast including local strawberries + maple syrup. With full bellies + hearts we will extend our awareness into the forest through practices that connect our spirits to the natural world. With these skills we will bathe in both the forest + a local waterfall to integrate what we have learned. A picnic of a trio of hearty salads will be shared for lunch.

*Please note that lodging at the center is not available during this time as the late departure of winter delayed our preparation for the 2019 season.

Registration for this event is now closed. We hope you join us next year!!!


Solstice fire ceremony+ drum circle

Awareness training, peace, quiet, solitude

Forest bathing walks

Waterfall swimming (weather permitting)

Three plant based meals