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At Tourmaline Center we focus on teaching and engaging with nature to integrate the practices we share. Retreats, in general, can be overly intensive making it difficult to carry what you learn back to your daily life without a lot more work once you get home. They can also make you feel like you need another vacation. These kinds of retreats do important work also, but our retreats offer a different opportunity.

We have a spirit of collaboration at Tourmaline Center. Practitioners design programs that focus on healing, wellness and the natural world. We support the practitioners and guests with nature outings and events that specifically compliment the work they are sharing.

Our goal is to assist you in integrating your practice while being active in nature and before you leave...

This has multiple effects.

One, being in nature helps you ground the energy of the teachings, making a connection between the higher self and the physical self more tangible.

Two, you apply the teachings to being present in different healing natural environments that hold you in a relaxed state, without extraneous interference. You reset, open and absorb more of what you are learning.

Finally, you carry a greater sense of connectivity to yourself, the environment and community when you return home.

The forest is an extraordinary classroom.

You learn about the flora and fauna that live here.

You connect more readily with the environment and what it offers to teach you.

You swim in waterfalls that run through boulders containing tourmaline, quartz, garnet and gold.

You climb mountains. Learn that your goals are attainable. When you get to the top, you can see the world like you couldn’t before.

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Why here?

At Tourmaline Center, we guide our guests to experience interconnection with the natural world. Through wellness, healing and integration practices, we help people find balance and attain a higher resonance to carry within themselves.

Our off-grid, eco-conscious wilderness retreat is specifically designed to hold space for guests and direct the natural energies of the land for healing purposes.

We are dedicated to collaboration, building community, social justice, cultural exchange and sharing the exclusive beauty of the western mountains of Maine.

We are the wilderness.

This part of Maine is considered more forest than wilderness. The energy of the forest here is wild, generous and healing. It is luxurious to breathe fresh air, to touch cool earth, to sit among the trees and feel at home.

As a child I walked along brooks unsupervised (for what seemed like miles) and discovered that the woods were the place I felt most at home. The sound of white water rushing over rocks, the scent of composting leaves and earth, the roughness of stones covered in lichen…all built a sanctuary inside me that I carry no matter where I am in the world.

My experiences in this forest have shaped and continue to shape who I am.

Life throws things at us. I have endured loss, death and grief. Sometimes I feel like I have failed more than I have succeeded. The fact I am still here is proof that my successes are greater than my perceived failures. Carrying the woods in my heart while I am away, heeding its call to return, and integrating my life long spiritual quests has led me back to this place.

This. Sacred. Place.

I want to share this sacred place with you. I want to share its luxury. I want to share its wild and generous healing.

Here, you can unleash your heart. In these woods, you can be the wilderness.


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We are meant to be connected to the earth. It is part of us. We breathe the air that the trees make, and they breathe the air that we exhale. We walk on the ground and the ground moves. The atmosphere exists because of the earth. The earth exists as we know it because of the atmosphere. These things are not separate.

No matter where you are, the earth is below you, above you and around you in every direction.

At night here, you sit by the fire with the light and shadow of the visible galaxy stretched across the sky above.

You are small and insignificant against the vastness of the universe. This is a relief. The weight of the world falls away. When you look into the night, it reflects your shadow and your own insignificance without judgement.

Doing this makes you significant.

Doing this is courageous.

The fire is warm, you are here, and THIS is good!

The fire is reflected in you too. The fire in you also comes from stars. As do the atomic reactions that fuel our bodies, and all of life as we know it. We are the same.

You are connected to the world, to life force…to your authentic self.