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2019 retreat schedule is here!

Come to the Maine woods this summer, rewild yourself, learn new skills + healing modalities, connect with the plants + animals, build new community, camp under the stars, share stories + ceremony around the fire, swim in waterfalls, and elevate your wellness practices…all here at Tourmaline Center.


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Tourmaline Center Retreat Experience

This year at Tourmaline Center we are exploring our relationship with the land and how we can work with the land to heal ourselves and build a more intimate relationship with our environment. We will be foraging in the forest, practicing awareness (forest bathing!), harvesting from Enya’s organic garden, cooking amazing seasonal, local, plant based foods, swimming in waterfalls, practicing yoga, hiking mountains and preparing healing herbal concoctions.  Each retreat is designed to heal, instruct and integrate daily teachings through experiences in nature. All retreats take place at our humble off-grid center and conventional production kitchen in the western mountains of Maine.

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Schedule of Events

2019 retreats

Our retreats for the coming year are going to be amazing. We are developing plans for another Plant Medicines of Maine retreat and more Shamanic Healing + Waterfalls day retreats. Our new retreats include Adaptogenic Mushrooms + Medicine, Wildcrafting in the Woods, The Pine + The Pineal: Thresholds of Longevity + Enlightenment, Yoga, Hiking & Eating Clean, Trailblazing + Shelter Building. We are collaborating with Biolumenessence to elevate Your Luminous Nature and with Nutritionist, Alison DeLancey for Healing your Relationship with Food. We will continue to add many more exciting classes, excursions and adventures including morning forest bathing walks.

Each retreat is carefully curated to help you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Limited accommodations include a few tent sites, rustic shelters and loft space at the off grid Tourmaline Center property. You can find many local rental properties on Airbnb, rent a lake front cabin on nearby Webb Lake or a room at the Kawanhee Inn eight miles down the road. Mt. Blue State Park has camping with amenities ten minutes away from the Tourmaline Center. We offer excellent local plant based meals (see details), mountain spring water (flat & bubbles), regionally specific herbal teas and a selection of locally wildcrafted herbal remedies. There are also 40 acres of designated tree growth to wander in your free time. Retreat attendance is limited to ensure that our guests receive the level of attention they deserve.



Practitioners, Educators & Guides

We are honored to collaborate with some of the most interesting and innovative practitioners, educators & guides  

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enya latham

Enya Latham is the founder of Tourmaline Center, a Shamanic Practitioner + a Reiki healer. Her training has journeyed through dream work, Tarot, Qabbalah, herbalism, Kundalini, animal communication, mediumship, and other forms of energy work. Enya is a seer and uses her visionary skills to guide people to connect with nature and the elements. Through the Akashic records it was revealed that Enya’s calling is Wisdom + Truth. She has a insatiable desire to learn and loves to share the knowledge she distills.

She is educated in art, plant identification, landscape + architectural design and her connection with spirit informs her creative decisions...she also loves to consult on built projects.

Enya has trained + traveled across the globe. From California to Peru and Western Europe to South East Asia, Enya learned to appreciate the depth of our cultural differences and seeks to bring these differences together to share through carefully curated programming at Tourmaline Center.

Her black lab, Kylo, often joins her at the center.

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alison Delancy

Alison DeLancey has been involved with holistic nutrition for over 30 years. When her children were young, she lived on the land in rural Southern Oregon, where the kitchen truly was the family pharmacy. There she grew, foraged, wildcrafted and fermented to make herbal remedies and fresh seasonal meals. When her children were grown, she cemented this first-hand experience with a Bachelor of Science in psychology, and a Masters of Science in Nutrition.

Her ongoing relationship with the land, coupled with the study of European mystery traditions, helped to cultivate an awareness of how to nurture the Divine Self which is at the heart of us all. This is communicated through both her nutritional philosophies and yogic teachings. Alison is a nutritionist, painter, mystic, and a Grandma. She cares deeply about supporting what is best in each person — using movement, ritual, and food — so they can uncover the beautiful light within.

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colin richardson

Colin is originally from Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Growing up in the bogs and estuaries around his home, Colin learned an appreciation for all the creatures of the earth early on. After taking on many varied vocations throughout the years, he was enthralled by the modern earth-living movement. After graduating the Apprenticeship Program at MPSS in 2016, he continues to work on his skills and became an instructor in the Fall of 2016. Colin focuses on foraging for food, medicines, and bow making materials. With a love of increasing his suite of awareness tools and nature literacy

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asiya khaki

Asiya Khaki began her health journey when in her mid 20s, she had debilitating tendinitis in her wrists and inflammation in her hips. In her effort to heal, she began working out and experimenting with different diets and exercises.  She lost 20 lbs and reclaimed her health and became a health coach in order to pay what she had learned forward to others. For over 3 years, she coached hundred of women through online and app based accountability groups. She helped people by providing them with support and a community so they could achieve their health and wellness goals.  

As she taught others of the importance of setting goals and working towards improved health, she set a few personal goals and and successfully competed a few notable treks; the Salkantay Trek in Peru in June 2015, the Summit of Kilimanjaro in August of 2015, the Patagonia W Trek in January of 2018, and Everest Base Camp in March of 2018.  

Asiya is passionate about learning and serving and recently did 100 hours of yoga teacher training in Bangalore, India at the Ayur Yoga Eco Ashram.  She first became inspired by  Yoga when she visited the same ashram where she did teacher training in February 2016 and completed a Yoga Intensive Retreat.  Asiya loves how Yoga works not only the physical body through increased muscle tone and flexibility, but goes beyond and works on a chemical level improving hormone levels in the body, and ultimately helps reprogram the subconscious mind. Asiya intends to travel to India in January of 2019 to complete another 100 hours of yoga teacher training.  She loves to share and is passionate about helping others live their best life.



I recommend to anyone who wants to enjoy Western Maine’s nature spots (swim at some great spots, explore hidden waterfall treasures) and learn more about ancient healing practices that leverage the elements and the natural space around...You’ll truly disconnect from the rigamarole of the life back home and reconnect to something foundational.
— Varun, Shamanic Healing & Waterfall Swimming retreat guest
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Tourmaline Center


Our accommodations are a few tent sites and a cottage loft.  Staying at the center is completly off grid-there is no running water, there are composting toilets and a few solar lights. All set in the wild on a sloped 40 acre parcel in the western mountains of Maine.  There are other accommodations nearby that we can guide you to. Contact us for more details.

Thank you for your generosity- and for creating such a sacred, magical space to explore, rejuvenate & heal within. The retreat was pure magic...its hard to convey the depth of awesomeness that unfolded...People NEED this!!
— -Julie, Plant Medicines of Maine retreat guest